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Become a Sponsor

Sponsors of SMS Strategy events are IT solution providers leading the way in innovation. Sponsors are hand selected based on the needs and desires of our community. We stand apart by having a hard cap on sponsorship at each event. This vendor-limited environment enables each sponsor to develop actionable relationships with little to no competitors present. Put your solution, service, or product directly into the hand of the end-user, and establish credibility as a true leader in your space. Sponsorship is very limited, and there are packages to suit virtually any budget. Our customer-centric and consultative approach is one-of-a-kind and we take great pride in working closely with all our sponsors.

"Wanted to reach out because we've been experiencing great results from the past CIOarena events - thank you so much for your help!"

Caroline Hansen, Marketing East - Darktrace 

“I think we received from excellent leads from this event. Great job! I have received positive feedback from my team thus far so please keep me in the loop for the next ATL event and any other events in the southeast.”

Brittany Himmelfarb, Trend Micro, Field Marketing

“Thank for for getting this data over in a timely manner.  You did a great job following up with us at the event, and I appreciate the hot leads aspect as well - never gone to an event where folks took that kind of care.”

Sean O'Leary, Regional Sales Manager - BitSight

“Great event for us and the leads are indeed impressive.”

John Vernazza, Regional Vice President Sales - Tierpoint

“Thank you Stavros, we were pleased with the event – very good interactions. Speaks well about your organization and event. Please consider us again."

Brad Beneke, Sales Manager - Ixia

To receive sponsorship details, attendee demographics, and associated fees, please fill out the below form and select the markets of interest. 

*All sponsorship inquires are responded to within 1 business day. Please check your spam folder if you do not hear from us. In order to ensure you receive a timely response, we ask that you provide us a mobile number for confirmation, as emails could be trapped or blocked by spam filters and go undetected.