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Why Attend


CIOarena™ is a half day event for local IT professionals, thus it does not require extensive planning or time out of the office to attend. Complimentary WiFi and quiet luxury spaces makes it easy to stay connected with the office.



In order to attend the CIOarena™ event, you must be invited or qualified to attend. The philosophy behind this is to ensure that every person in the audience is on the same "playing field". Many verticals are represented, but all attendees are within the IT department.


Top Venues

CIOarena™ is proud to host the annual CIOarena™ conferences at top luxury venues such as: Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Peninsula, JWMarriott, Westin and IHG.



Meet with your local peers, see familiar faces, and new ones. Successful CIOs realize the need for creating relationships to boost their careers. Gaining an understanding of other executives' issues in the context of their function promotes understanding and gives IT executives a clear sense of their own targets and goals. Expanding your personal network is a crucial facet of being an IT executive.


Engaging Agenda

The CIOarena™ agenda is designed to engage every attendee from beginning to end. The day is comprised of industry expert keynotes, case studies, and thought leading discussions.



Much different than your average trade show or large conference, CIOarena's agenda is designed with comfort and enjoyment in mind. Come and share your ideas, challenges, and successes with your peers, but most importantly, enjoy doing it in an unguarded environment.


Return on Investment

Your time is important, and CIOarena™ realizes that. We expect all of our IT executive attendees to walk away with immediate ROI from participation at this event in the form of new strategic contacts, vital solutions for the changing IT landscape, and ideas that assist you in that next step in leadership.


Unique Prizes

All CIOarena™ conferences raffle off prizes which include: Tablets, TVs, Camera's, and more! All guests walk away with a gift card, courtesy of CIOarena™ management.